• The 1st year is cotton (or paper), the 5th is wood, the 10th is tin, the 15th crystal, the 20th china, etcetera, and…
  • The 42nd year of marriage is the MOTHER-OF-PEARL WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

Of course, we are more than happy to host you for any of your anniversaries, but also, what could be more fitting than celebrating your Mother-of-Pearl Anniversary in Mother-of-Pearl Country, in its global capital?

How sweet is love!

On offer in this special is a trip to the renowned Mother-of-Pearl Museum (don’t forget to bring a camera along so you can capture the moment, for instance, in front of the magnificent fan collection, spanning several decades of handiwork!)

Upon arrival, we will greet you with a glass of champagne, so as to ease you right into your stay.


Then you can enjoy dinner for two, worth 45 euros apiece max, excluding drinks.

We will have a privilege room set up for you, featuring a view of the famous museum and of our shared garden.

The next day, you will be brought room service breakfast (or you can have it at the Hotel Bar if you prefer).

Feel free to enjoy your room until 1 pm.

We can’t wait to host you! Here at the Tabletterie, we love celebrating Love…

To top off this bubble of joy, don’t hesitate to book a DOUBLE massage.


PLEASE NOTE: As the restaurant is closed on Sunday nights, we offer you an extra 10% discount on those evenings, and some tasty dinner options: one savory plate of your choosing (see our room service options in the “pluses” menu) as well as one sweet plate per person.


Please also note that the museum is closed on TUESDAYS.


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