At the Hotel de la Tabletterie, exquisite surprises await you. We offer you a day full of relaxation and leisure. For your pleasure, our team is organizing a day at Parc Saint Paul, as well as a Duo offer at La Tabletterie with a relaxing massage, and finally, to round off the day in style, a delicious dinner.
Looking for a break from the daily grind? Our Tabletterie hotel service has everything you need. Enjoy an extraordinary day that combines leisure, relaxation and mouth-watering food.


The Saint Paul amusement park is located west of Beauvais in the Oise department, along the RD 940, on the Rouen-Beauvais axis.
With its 15 hectares of green space, the park is home to some forty attractions for young and old alike. What’s more, the park boasts 5 food and beverage outlets (L’Auberge Rouge, Mississippi Grill, Snack Coco, La Rotonde and Crêperie du Lac).
If you’re feeling a little hungry, take a look at the various stands available. You’ll be able to eat crepes, waffles, ice creams, popcorn and even cotton candy! Because why not!


Parc Saint Paul : Des attractions à couper le souffle !The park’s attractions are many and varied. Whether you come with family or friends, the attractions at Parc Saint Paul are sure to please adults and children alike.
For your enjoyment, the park also organizes fascinating shows alongside its 43 attractions. In this magical place, a world of fun and good humor reigns for a leisurely break. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy all the fun the park has to offer.

Here are just a few examples of the attractions on offer at Parc Saint Paul:

  • Dino Disko’s: Accessible to the whole family, this attraction plunges you straight into the whirling, hectic world of dinosaurs.
  • Wood Express: With 500m of track and 13 Air-times, this wooden roller coaster takes you down at 60km/h.
  • Extreme Descent Tower: This attraction isn’t for everyone. If you’re not afraid of anything, enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush of the extreme tower.
  • The Mississippi Boat: Looking to relax? Take a ride on the Mississippi Riverboat. Enjoy a relaxing trip on the lake. You’ll discover the whole of Saint Paul Park in just 20 minutes.
  • Les P’tits Lapins: Let yourself be carried away by these little rabbits with their huge ears. With their mischievous eyes and beautiful figures. Climb on the backs of these little animals and frolic about. This attraction is a delight for young and old alike.
  • The Haunted Castle: If you think your heart’s in the right place, don’t miss the Haunted Castle for scares just the way we like them. Walk through the spooky castle and fly away into a strange and frightening world.

Other attractions include the Green Mouse (a roller coaster with spinning cars), Noah’s Ark (half boat, half swing), the Ferris Wheel (28 m high), Aqua Splash (a slide on an inflatable boat), the Foldingue House, the Mini-Mouse Cartoon and Pilou’s Squadron.

To enrich the visit of families and groups of friends, Parc Saint-Paul offers the chance to see fabulous shows. Here are just a few examples:

  • The Stykan Family: Combining humor, extraordinary acrobatics and a real talent for balancing, a good time of sharing and laughter is guaranteed for the greatest pleasure of spectators.
  • The Bubble World show: Accessible to young and old alike, the show features multi-colored, bewitching and voluptuous shapes. The art of bubbles is majestic and fascinating!

Your visit :

When you visit Parc Saint Paul, you’ll get a free parking space.
To enrich your day of leisure, the establishment allows you to organize picnics inside the park. In fact, 800 picnic seats and 300 covered picnic areas are available for you to enjoy a day out with friends or family.
Because the Saint Paul park team thinks of everyone, a baby-changing table is provided in the toilets, and strollers can be hired from the souvenir store.
Some thrill rides may not be suitable for expectant mothers. Please note that park visitors are required to dress appropriately.


It’s very important to think about your well-being. The team at the Hôtel de la Tabletterie has an evening of relaxation in store for you.
Treat yourself to a relaxing massage and a delicious dinner.
The Hôtel de la Tabletterie also provides a nanny to look after your children for dinner.
Take advantage of this benefit and take the time to pamper yourself without thinking about your stressful daily routine.


Access to Saint Paul Park is free of charge. In order to guarantee the safety of our visitors, a sanitary control has been set up at the entrance to the park.

Please note that anyone over the age of 12 years and 2 months is required to show proof of health. Simply present the following documents:

  • Vaccination: The person must have a complete 7-day vaccination schedule.
  • Or proof of a negative or antigenic RT-PCR test less than 72 hours old.
  • Or proof of a positive RT-PCR test less than 6 months old.


Exit from the park is authorized. All you need is a “readmission” stamp. However, hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel is mandatory.
During your visit, and in order to comply with the necessary measures to combat COVID 19, it is essential that visitors to Saint Paul Park observe the barrier gestures. Parc Saint Paul staff are fully equipped for personal protection.